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Music for Television/Film/Streaming


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The Resident-Fox 2018 (Songs)

I Am Frankie-Nick 2018 (Songs)

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders-CBS 2018 (Songs)

The Flash-CW 2017 (Songs)

NFL Football-NBC 2017 (Songs)

Cold Case Files-A&E 2017 (Underscore)

Going Under: White Supremacy-History Channel-2017 (Underscore)

Graceland-USA 2015-12 (Additional Underscore, Songs)  

White Collar-USA 2014-09 (Theme, Additional Underscore, Songs)

Burn Notice-USA 2012-10 (Songs)

House, M.D.-FOX 2012-04 (Songs)

Parenthood-NBC 2012-10 (Songs)

The Mentalist-CBS 2012-10 (Songs)

Brothers and Sisters-ABC 2010-07 (Songs)

Life-NBC 2010-2008 (Songs)

Woman’s Murder Club-ABC 2008 (Songs)

One Tree Hill-CW 2008-07 (Songs)

The Unit-CBS 2007 (Songs)

Conviction-NBC 2006 (Additional Underscore, Songs)

In Justice-ABC 2006 (Songs)

Six Degrees-ABC 2006 (Songs)

Invasion-ABC 2005 (Songs)

The Mountain-WB 2005-04 (Additional Underscore, Songs)

Tru Calling-FOX 2004 (Additional Underscore, Songs)

The North Shore-FOX 2004 (Additional Underscore, Songs)

Hawaii-NBC 2004 (Additional Underscore, Songs)

Jag-CBS 2004 (Songs)

The Guardian-CBS 2004-01 (Additional Underscore, Songs)

Karen Sisco-USA 2004-03 (Additional Underscore, Songs)

Tarzan-WB 2003 (Songs)

Any Day Now-LIFETIME 2002 (Songs)

The Agency-CBS 2001 (Additional Underscore, Songs)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (arr)-FOX 2001 (Songs)

Cover Me-USA 2001-00 (Additional Underscore, Songs)

Party of Five-FOX 2000 (Songs)

Mercy Point-UPN 1999 (Additional Underscore)


Misconceptions-WB 2006 (Theme, Underscore, Songs)

Dante (pilot)-2005 (Additional Underscore, Songs)

Baby Bob-CBS 2003-02 (Theme, Additional Underscore, Songs)


  First Dates-NBC 2017 (Additional Underscore, Songs)

Something Borrowed, Something New 2015-2014 (Underscore) 

Barely Famous 2015 (Underscore)

Rev Run Sunday Suppers 2015 (Underscore)

The Agency-VH-1 2007 (Underscore, Songs)

Black White-FX 2006 (Additional Underscore, Songs)

I Pity the Fool-TV LAND 2006 (Additional Underscore)

Bound for Glory-ESPN 2005 (Additional Underscore, Songs)

Growing Up Gotti-A&E 2005-04 (Additional Underscore)


TELEVISION (Animation and Children’s Shows)

Aaron Stone-Disney XD 2010 (Additional Underscore, Songs)

Power Rangers-ABC 2009-07 (Underscore, Songs)

Dragon Tales-PBS 1999 (Additional Underscore)

Jumanji-UPN 1999 (Additional Underscore)

Godzilla-FOX 1998 (Additional Underscore)

Hercules-ABC 1998 (Additional Underscore)

Men in Black-WB 1997 (Additional Underscore)

Extreme Ghostbusters-Syndicated 1997 (Additional Underscore)


TELEVISION (Entertainment News)

Today Show-NBC 2010 (Songs)

Sunday Morning Shootout-AMC 2008-07 (Theme)

Entertainment Tonight-Syndicated 2012-08 (Songs)


Obama Presidential Campaign 



Campbells Soup





Exomos Submarines

Froedert Hospital

Herbal Essence


Lever 2000






St. John’s Hospital


FILMS (Feature)

The Guilt Trip-Paramount Pictures 2012 (Song)

Meet Dave-20th Century Fox 2009 (Songs)

Phantom Punch-Independent 2008 (Songs)

NowhereLand-Paramount 2008 (Songs)

Flakes-IFC Films 2007 (Songs)

Little Black Book-Sony 2004 (Song)

Imagine That 2002 (Song)

Shrek-Dreamworks 2001 (Arrangement Song)

Boat Trip-Artisan Entertainment 2001 (Songs)

That Thing You Do-Playtone 1996 (Arrangement Song)

FILMS (Television)

Flirting with Forty-Lifetime 2008 (Songs)

Saving Milly-CBS 2005 (Songs)

Spring Break Shark Attack-CBS 2005 (Songs)

Murder She Wrote-CBS 2003 (Songs)

Heart of a Stranger-Lifetime 2003 (Songs)

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman-CBS 2001 (Songs)

Catch a Falling Star-CBS 2000 (Songs)

Another Woman’s Husband-Lifetime 2000 (Songs)

Holiday Heart-Showtime 2000 (Songs)

Tuesdays With Morrie-ABC 1999 (Songs)

FILMS (Independent)

Billions in Change 2015 (Underscore)

Auto Morphosis 2007 (Songs)

Day After Day-2004 (Underscore)


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